Edtech and edutainment

Recently, online education has been booming. Two of our favorite trends in this space are edtech and edutainment: here you will find a brief explanation of both and some ideas on how to use them to your advantage, either as user and producer.

Edtech is a weird but cool word that merges – as you can imagine – education and tech. This is often used when talking about platforms like Coursera, edX, Udemy, Khan Academy, Brilliant and so on.

These platforms offer a variety of courses on interesting and important topics like science, math, computer science, economics, biology, and basically everything you can think of. Some of them, like the first two, are even backed by big institutions like Harvard and MIT, who directly produce courses on there.

In places where education is not affordable or not well developed, edtech really makes a difference.

Edutainment, on the other hand, is the fusion between education and entertainment. Think about YouTube channels like Kurzgesagt, Veritasium or 3Blue1Brown. These people/companies make education intriguing, visual and fun to watch.

While the first concept is more like a possible sustitute or enhancer of real-life education, we feel like this is more of a cool addon. Since we already spend a lot of time online, we better get “addicted” to things that can give us something and make our brain work even while not being productive at our max.

These are huge trends that are beneficial on both the consuming and the business aspect.

Our goal with Kleia is to build on ideas like these and come up with innovative ways to make important and useful topics accessible, interesting and in line with today’s needs.

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