Why we—still—need more voices

When it comes to media, the internet has democratized access to this concept. Traditionally, media has always been in the hands of corporations, conglomerates or big groups, or ultra-popular artists that maybe got their voice up and running only years after their death. Today, media is for everyone (kind of, depending on the algorithmic bias

Edtech and edutainment

Recently, online education has been booming. Two of our favorite trends in this space are edtech and edutainment: here you will find a brief explanation of both and some ideas on how to use them to your advantage, either as user and producer. Edtech is a weird but cool word that merges – as you

A new phase for digital media

Here at Kleia we believe in the power of a message. These past few years have seen wild changes on every front that regards humanity. The climate is changing, a global pandemic hit, the financial system is unstable, and even if innovation is thriving, the world seems to be in danger. What can we do